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Snap Button DIY Craft Kit

Snap Button DIY Craft Kit

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Why struggle with button sewing when you can just clamp and fasten with this DIY snap button fastener kit! ⭐ 


This clever kit includes a variety of snap button types and a heavy-duty plier that enables you to seamlessly fasten buttons in no time. The kit allows you to have a precise and impressively stable fastening at all times in just an easy clamping. Saving you from the complicated and time-consuming methods like hammering, sewing or cutting button-holes that only end up uneven. Suitable to be applied on clothes, hats, bags, baby clothes and jumpsuits, raincoats, pet clothes, quilt covers and other different DIY crafting or custom making projects.   

The easy DIY snap fastener kit comes with a handy transparent box that lets you store different button styles to their own individual room. It also allows you to see clearly inside even when closed so you can quickly find and get your required buttons with no confusion. The included plier is light and ergonomically designed to give you an exceptional fastening at all times while preventing hand fatigue. Furthermore, all products from the kit are made of premium materials that can withstand a long-lasting year without damaging or rusting. 

Easily attached buttons on fabrics in only a snap using this DIY snap button fastener kit!


  • Snap Fastener Kit
    A handy DIY snap fastener kit that comes with multiple pieces of solid style snap buttons and hollow snap buttons as well as a sturdy fastener tool. Allowing you to seamlessly clasp buttons through your clothes or any fabrics quickly with great ease. Moreover, the included fastener plier offers a non-slip ergonomically designed body to give a reliable hold and optimized control. It enables you to consistently create a precise, secured application for each snap button. Preventing them from easily falling off even after a countless fastening and unfastening of clothes.

  • Convenient Storage
    This high-performance snap fastener kit is placed in a translucent box with ample individual rooms. It can store in different snap buttons style to their own appropriate placement to make it more organized and convenient. The storage provides clear visibility even when it's closed so you can easily find and get your needed buttons without confusion. Additionally, it supplies better portability so you can always take the kit with you anytime, anywhere. Ideal for emergencies, school projects, art class, and more possibilities.
  • Quick and Easy to Use
    No need for any special skills and complicated tools and methods like hammering or creating neat holes first. Simply prepare and take all your required snap button first, place the button correctly through the plier, align it to your fabric then clamp it to attach. After that, repeat it with the connecting button to the other side of the fabric and you're good to go. Perfect for beginners, professionals, DIYers, hobbyists, crafters, art teachers, students and such.

  • Wide Application
    The button fastener kit has secured gripping buttons that can be attached to a plethora of fabric types without falling off. Suitable to be applied on clothes, hats, bags, baby clothes and jumpsuits, raincoats, pet clothes, quilt covers and other different DIY crafting or custom making projects. This clever kit provides a variety of button colors that can blend through a plethora of fabric styles and designs. 

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, fabric-friendly copper material with an undeniable durability and strength. All buttons and the snap fastener can withstand a long-lasting year without easily rusting or wearing off. Furthermore, the snap fasteners can be confidently used at all times without creating any harm to the user and the fabrics. 
  • Box Size: 20 x 10 x 4 cm
  • 1 x Snap Button DIY Craft Kit

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Customer Reviews

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Kinyanjui Rose

Received mine 👌💕 worth every coin and working perfectly.Thank you so much 🙏

Carolyn Nyongesa

I got,they re nice

Boaz Kesendany

Am so glad my kids like the product. It is so efficient and reliable. Thank you Iwamoyo!💪✨

Kate Nelson

Received mine and I've already used it..Awesome 👌👌👌