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High Pressure Drain Blaster

High Pressure Drain Blaster

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No.1 tool to blast away blockages by yourself

Unclog toilet, sinks or sewer lines can be difficult and time consuming. Toilet plunger clog remover gives you a quick and easy way to eliminate debris that’s clogging all your pipes and drains.

This innovative drain cleaner is an all-around plunger and has high efficiency in removing pipe obstructions. 

Handle safely all kind of clogged pipes, just press the button

Toilet plunger clog remover is ready to help you - get rid off clogs, wherever they are! No matter is it toilet, sinks, wash basin or sewer lines, this blaster can unblock anything in one shot.

Toilet plunger clog remover got 4 heads to do all kind of work.

Our pressure recomendations: up to 2 bars for sinks, up to 4 bars to toilets and 6 for dredges.

Eco-friendly device, saves your money on plumber services

Save budget on regular plungers, chemicals, snakes or plumber services.

Easy to Operate - Equip the Blaster with the correct pump head, then press the button to release the powerful air pressure.
High-Pressure Mechanism sends powerful kick that clear away debris from pipes and drainage. Clog-free pipes in one blow.

Safe for pipes, less time and efforts solution

Consume Less Effort - Old plungers strain arm muscles and take a long time to get the job done. Drain Defender help you effectively unclog your pipes without too much effort.
Rechargeable Battery - This high-pressure cleaner is integrated with a rechargeable battery that powers the device to perform at the highest level.
Product detail:

Material: ABS+Rubber+TPE
Air pressure range: 1-6 Bar
Size: 57*12.5cm
Color: White
Package Included:
1*Product host (with barometer)
1*Automatic dredge head
1*draining head of sink
1*wash basin dredge head
1*Adapter elbow

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